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MA Hospitality, Hotel Administration, Chinese

I am a Chinese male, born and raised in the Northeast of China; I have lived in California since 2006. I hold a B.S. degree in Computer Science and Business Administration from the University of XXXX. I speak English and Mandarin. I aim to be a leader in an industry that uses communication and technology to provide first-class personal services.

My future father-in-law owns a chain of hotels in China. It is intended that I shall be involved in the management of the family business and, ultimately, take up a senior executive post   I am incredibly excited at this prospect but realize that I need to acquire some skills and knowledge that I do not now possess to excel in my future roles. My B.S. Degree studies have provided me with some relevant knowledge in general business administration. Still, I know that the hospitality industry is unique, and I now seek to acquire the specialist knowledge available through participating in this program.

My experience in hospitality to date has admittedly not been extensive. Indeed it has comprised mainly of observation and being a regular consumer of hospitality services. However, it is often the case that a relative outsider can bring fresh insights. Sometimes professionals can lose sight of the ultimate purpose of their efforts to some degree and often find the benefits of other perspectives functional. I have carefully considered the traits required of a successful manager in this unique specialty, and I am convinced I possess them. I have excellent interpersonal skills and am a good organizer.

I have had a varied career to date and feel that many of the skills I have acquired are directly transferable to the course and will enable me to excel in your program. For example, I have the highly developed analytical skills required of a computer scientist and direct customer service experience as a personal banker. As a volunteer, IT help provider to fellow students at XXXX, a role that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I have carefully considered the course contents and available electives. I am sure that the program is a perfect fit for my needs and will enable me to achieve my goal of being a highly effective hospitality specialist. I am especially interested in the Hospitality Information Technology Management elective and would be attracted to undertaking research in this area because of the accumulated expertise I possess. For instance, I have been involved in projects to improve forms, procedures, and systems in my jobs to date, and I am sure I would have much to contribute in this area of my hospitality studies.

I hope to share the skills and knowledge acquired in the program to encourage and enable some of my countrymen and women to determine and reach their goals in the hospitality field and take home unrivaled American know-how in this unique area of expertise.

I am aware that the program will attract many well-qualified applicants. However, I genuinely believe that I am a highly suitable candidate and I undertake to participate with diligence and great enthusiasm.

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