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DBA, Accountant, Financial Analyst, Saudi

I earned my MBA in my native Saudi Arabia in 2012 and have since been using my skills to good advantage here in my home city where I was raised and educated, Jeddah, the Kingdom’s most international and progressive city and the cutting edge of international Arab commerce and trade. I now have eleven years experience as an accountant and financial analyst and hold a senior position at IATCO, a Behemoth Distributor Company, handling products for several important companies doing business in Saudi Arabia, such as Procter and Gamble, Ferrero, Quaker, and Nestle International. My central and long term goal is to teach, lead, and coach people in Business field in my country. My opportunities to make important contributions to business education and implementation in the KSA would be greatly enhanced if I were to earn the DBA Degree.

The Doctor of Business Administration Program at XXXX University is my first choice for graduate education for a variety of reasons; most of all I feel that I am a good fit with your program because it offers the multidimensional courses and modern syllabi, as well as the opportunity to study under well-known scholars and academics. The diversity of the student body will afford me valuable interactions with a broad range of backgrounds and attitudes in business and I will be enabled to refine my technical skills in the leadership of projects and become more attuned to market trends and entrepreneurial opportunities. I especially look forward to a thorough exploration of the importance of fomenting policies that benefit small businesses, protecting them from faceless monopolies that compete unfairly with local interests.

Saudi Arabia is at important crossroads in its integration into the global economy. I see your DBA Program at XXXX University to be an ideal location to study a broad gambit of international business issues from an equally broad variety of perspectives. This will prepare me to make my fullest contribution to my society as a leader in the business community, helping, in particular, to stimulate small business operations.

Food is important in Saudi society since eating is an almost ritual activity. Thus, as I an entrepreneur and interested in the food trade and food industry, I am treated with special respect and well positioned to become not only an industry leader but also to exercise leadership positions that reach beyond food and into commerce more generally speaking. I look forward to many years of research about the food industry in particular in Saudi Arabia and look forward to also cultivating a special research interest in the area of finance and entrepreneurship.

I was nominated by XXXX as one of the few employees funded to pursue an MBA, which I then completed at the University of Business and Technology in my home city Jeddah. My English improved rapidly since courses were taught in English with a focus on business executives and practical considerations in the workplace. I am convinced that the acumen that I have developed in the area of business strategies will prove to be an asset that will enable me to distinguish myself as a DBA student in your distinguished program at XXXX University. Becoming a leader in the XXXX Company that in my home city, Jeddah, has long been part of my dream as a business executive. Also, I am very proud of Jeddah and very much engaged with my community. I even volunteered with heritage group to take foreign visitors on tour sometimes because I so very much enjoy showing off my city, the ancient houses and streets, for all of which I provide the visitor with a historical narrative.

I thank you for considering my application to your program.

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