Residency Radiation Oncology, MPH

I am especially skilled at constant adaptation to new environments. I learned to celebrate the value of compassion and understanding for my patients, especially for those with special needs. I now appreciate more clearly than ever the profound beauty of multicultural and multilingual societies in the appreciation of diversity as a cultural treasure, especially here in America. This is why I especially look forward to working with patients who are members of numerous ethnic backgrounds, traditions, and communities.

I have also grown and matured greatly as a result of having to reconcile myself to the death of several close family members while I was in college. This has helped me to better appreciate the importance of handling my emotion in times of crisis and also served to solidify my desire to pursue a career in medicine. Coupled with my passion of working with people in a hands-on fashion, being a physician allows me to directly help my patients and their families by building enduring professional relationships that allow me the opportunity to provide professional guidance and emotional support over time. This is my calling and how I find meaning in life, helping patients through some of their most difficult times in life is my calling and the fulfillment that I seek in life.

I feel that medicine has been the perfect choice for my character and interests, my ability to adapt quickly and successfully to challenging situations, rapidly acquiring new information, and assessing complex patient healthcare issues. I especially enjoy having the opportunity to treat patients from all walks of life. I am especially drawn to the practice of radiation oncology because of the way that this special area provides a doctor with the opportunity to harness the cutting edge of technology to patient care. By overseeing and prescribing each patient's treatment plan, I look forward as a doctor to the opportunity for increased interaction with patients. It is my sincere hope that the knowledge gleaned from the treatments that I provide might be of value for ongoing research as well. I am a seasoned team player who looks forward to working very closely with other physicians and various members of the radiation and oncology teams. I seek a position where I have to work very hard, face numerous challenges and develop and build upon a knowledge base that continually grows throughout my residency and beyond. I hope to be accepted by a program that will help me to further develop my clinical and technical skills, provide me with the opportunity to contribute to education, research, and prevention programs, and have the opportunity to encourage community participation.

While I find radiation oncology particularly stimulating, I am also intrigued by general internal medicine and would be very pleased to be selected for a joint fellowship in these two areas. I am a servant of the public who lives to struggle to protect from disease as well as cure. This passion led me to complete a Master of Public Health in Disease Control, which I hope might also enable me to make important contributions to your program in this area. I have been a member of the American Osteopathic Association and the American Medical Student Association since 2004. I am also a member of the UNECOM Christian Fellowship. I want to thank you for consideration of my application.

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